TakTrack - Lit

An official music video is in production. I want to thank all of you who have supported me over this past decade of music making. I love all of you. Without you, I would have quit.

I don't get many views on most songs, but I know and love the people that have always supported me that love the music as much as I enjoy creating it, and I'll never forget you. It was never about making it in the business for me, I just love making music and can't ever see myself stopping.

The next song coming out after this music video is called, Home. Thank you so much everyone. You make me happy and if I can just brighten one person's day with a song, it is all worth it!

Follow your dreams even if it never takes off, trust me it's worth it to always work on something you love and never quit. It's like a great marriage and I'm married to music and will never leave it.